Rolando montano

Advanced personal trainer certification national personal training institute (npti). ​accomplished personal trainer and fitness instructor with 14 years of international muay thai and kickboxing fight experience,3x national champion in 3 weight divisions with a combined record of 25-2.

Adam castro

Adam castro is a certified coach under the usa boxing association. He has had over a10 years of experience in boxing. . He has been apart of multiple fight camps to help fighters prepare for competition at the highest level of the sport. Has been brought up under some of the top boxing coaches/fighters in san diego county.

Lauren rojas

Lauren rojas has been training for 8 years. While training for her first fight she lost 50lbs. She is a true ambassador of the sport. She turned pro last year with lion fight promotions with a record of 12-1 muay thai , 2-0 boxing. Along with fighting, she has been teaching for 5 year including kids I love to share my knowledge and love for the sport with others.

Anthony kalani

Anthony kalani joins our team from waianae, hawaii he holds two ttitles in the men's amateur muay thai circuit. Heavyweight and cruiserweight. Now going to school working towards a kinesiology.

Xavier barker

Xavier barker started training in the martial arts of taekwondo, kickboxing, and karate at the age of 7 . Xavier joins the team with over 10 years of martial arts experience. Xavier loves to teach children because he finds it incredibly rewarding to positively impact children’s lives. Xavier is known for his positive attitude, his attention to detail.

Reily allen

Reily allen is a junior instructor and has been training for almost 4 years she has competed in 3 national and world tournaments has 12 fights and is 2015 ikf world amatuer champion.

Joey siplyak

Joey siplyak is a junior instructor and has been training four years he has had 16 fights competed in 4 national and world tournaments and holds the 2015 u.S muay thai open juinor title.

Clayton Xavier de Franca

Clayton Xavier de Franca is 3rd degree Black Belt under Carlson Gracie from Sao Paulo, Brazil.